Product Management

What is product management

Source: Mind the product, Martin Eriksson, 2011


Why product managers?

Want to get from 0 to 1 in your innovation project? Well, the product manager is the key team member you need. A product manager is a multi-disciplinary professional that focuses to create value based on desirability, feasibility, and viability. The product manager develops the vision, the strategy through a roadmap and coordinates effort among the UX design, Business, and Tech/Engineering teams.

MoZ Product management consulting and advisory services

MoZ Consulting Product Managers are venture builders, product enthusiasts, and passionate about solving people’s problems. Our Product Managers are business-driven with high UX and technical sensibilities. All of our Product managers master at least one of the 3 disciplines. Depending on the nature of the innovation project (more technical, commercial, or hybrid) and development stages (bootstrap to mature), we provide product experts that will be rapidly operational and deliver value. All of our Product Managers go through a rigorous hiring process with high standards:

  • Hard skills
    • Successful track records
    • Demonstrate high command in UX, Tech, and Business,
    • Product Vision
    • Product Strategy (roadmap, prioritizing)
    • Excellent academic background
  • Soft skills
    • Leadership
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Growth mindset
    • Curious
    • Result-driven
    • Analytical
    • global mindset


Apr 9th, 2021
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