Innovation In Action

MoZ Consulting is an innovation consultancy that helps Corporate Innovators focus on Blockchain strategy, Platforming, and transformational change.

Corporate innovation is messy and uncertain. Like any risk, it can be edged with the right partner. MoZ brings corporate innovators turnkey entrepreneurial processes and digital-age capabilities to manage innovation risks and augment returns.  MoZ consultants bring years of expertise in Blockchain, Platform management, Product, and Innovation Strategy to transform ideas into corporate start-ups. With years in Academic Research and Change programs, MoZ helps corporates’ digital transformation, turning products into platform protocol-driven businesses.

Why Us ?

From B2X to H2H

Human to Human is the next business paradigm. With increase market and technological rapid shifts, the human remains the common factor and durable competitive edge. In everything we do, we put Humans in the center of our approach.

From Product to Platform to Protocols

Platforms beat products ALL the time.  Not only start-ups can create platforms and protocols. With resources at hand and data, corporates can transform into platform-driven companies. We help companies to turn closed value-creation processes into open, participative, interaction-first value-creation ecosystems.

From Innovation to entrepreneurship

Innovation is just a means, entrepreneurship is the end. Corporates are not startups however they can reuse a lot of startup techniques and emulate entrepreneurship processes. MoZ helps corporate innovators to design, implement, run and scale new business model-driven ventures.

Our Craft


We help organizations leverage Blockchain and Decentralized Ledger Technologies transforming traditional business models across industries


Discover, define, develop innovative products that are valuable, usable, and feasible


En partenariat avec l'École des Ponts Paris Tech, découvrez formation blockchain de 5 jours, conçu pour les professionnels et les responsables digital d'entreprise.